Michel Fortin

SEO Specialist | Digital Marketing Expert | Freelancer | Author | Speaker

Michel Fortin is a senior digital marketing specialist. He has run his own copywriting and marketing consultancy for 20 years, is the author of several books and articles on digital marketing and the Web 2.0. He has also worked as Director of Marketing Communications and SEO Manager within the agency SEO TWIST. He’s worked with clients ranging from individual entrepreneurs to enterprise-level multinationals and has coached thousands of businesses around the world in a variety of industries.


Arnaud Bourassa Francoeur

Content Marketing Specialist at Orkestra

Arnaud Bourassa Francoeur is the perfect mix between public relations and marketing. Equipped with a never-ending curiosity, a penchant for analytics and a good dose of wild creativity, he completed his studies at l’Université Laval in public relations and transitioned to a content marketing specialist. Having started his professional career at Ubisoft Canada in PR, then in Digital Marketing, he was able to establish a strong  brand image on social media that inspired other Ubisoft studios’ social media branding game. Now at Orkestra, he specializes in digital strategy, PR and content marketing.

Alycia Douglass

Digital Media & Community Manager for the Kanata North Business Association | Founder & Head W*tch of the firm Social Sorcery

Hailing from Cornwall, Ontario, Alycia Douglass is an entrepreneur, community builder, and social media expert. Her career began with Code Heroes — a small start-up which provided digital skills to underrepresented groups. Now, she gives a voice to the Kanata North Business Association as their Digital Media & Community Manager. Last year, Alycia founded Social Sorcery — a consulting agency with a focus on content marketing. She takes pride in her ability to add a human element to digital strategy, finding the unique voice of each company she works with. When she’s not busy bewitching clients’ social media game, she can be found listening to true crime podcasts, busting a big Bonham drum solo, or hanging out with her cats, Grace and Joni.

Maxime Hupé

Digital Marketing Manager at the Trade Commissioner Service

Maxime Hupé have been in communications/marketing for over ten years working for government departments, political campaigns, elected officials and private sector organizations. Mr. Hupé is currently employed by the Trade Commissioner Service of Global Affairs Canada, a network of more than 1000 trade professionals working in Canadian embassies, high commissions, and consulates around the world. Interesting fact, Mr. Hupé is currently on parental leave-taking care of his son Ludwig while completing an Executive MBA.